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Dyno Jet
InlinePRO has been tuning vehicles since we've been in the business. From street cars to full out race cars that put down over 1000hp, we have experience in many standalone setups. Although there are a limited amount of standalone setups available for the S2000, we were still capable of tuning an s2000 making over 700rwhp. Whether your S2000 is built for a naturally aspirated setup, or a forced induction setup, we have the ability to tune the car for you. Please call to schedule a dyno appointment.

Street Driven Turbo S2000
This Sebring Silver S2000 is running an off the shelf inlinePRO turbo kit with an upgraded GT35r ballbearing turbo option. It was tuned to over 565rwhp on c16 race gas, and detuned to 526rwhp at 25psi on 93octange pump gas for the street. The short block on this F20 is still stock, featuring just an inlinePRO 3mm headgasket. The head was equiped inlinePRO springs and retainers allowing the engine to rev safely up to 10,500rpm. With the inlinePRO 3" turbo exhaust system, it sounds intimidating on the streets and in the burnout box. This car still is the fastest street tire Honda and S2000 in the world, posting a 10.7 on Nitto radials.

Street Driven All Motor S2000
This Berline Black S2000's heart has been replaced with a freshly built 2.5L stroker motor. Mated to a Portflowed head, this engine has put down 264rwhp and over 193lb/ft of torque on 93oct gas. Although this motor consist of a 13:1 compression ration, we have tuned it for a daily driven purpose. The car sees atleast 70 miles day and has clocked over 4,500 miles on it since install. This stroker motor is far from done. With stock cams and a stock header limiting the power to 264, we hope to hit somewhere close to 300rwhp naturally aspirated. Stay tuned...

Street Class Project S2000
Pioneering the first S2000 in the 9 second range, we are now aiming at the 8 second window. This is the fastest S2000 with a F series motor. With only 750rwhp, we have been able to run a best time of 9.36, and the best trap speed at 154mph.