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Engines are considered the "heart" of a vehicle. With that beingsaid, engines are built and assembled with accuracy. With over 10 years ofimport drag racing history and over 5 years of in-house engine building, weknow what it takes to build a reliable motor for the street and track. 

 Our experience has come from years of our own racing, research, anddevelopment. We know what it takes to build a race engine, and that knowledgeis put to any motor we build.


In-house Machine Work 

All machine work on the short blocks are done in-house."Allenbuilt" signature engines are personally built by Jeremy Allenhimself using the state of the art Rottler F-67A 3-Axis CNC machine.


Race Ready Internals 

Our customers receive the same quality parts we use in our own raceengines. AEBS sleeves are used because of their well designed sleeves. Thesesleeves are created from high quality ductile iron and are machined withprecision to insure a perfect fit. AEBS's closed deck design providesbullet-proof strength in our race engines, therefore it is more than adequatein any street motor. Although we recomend AEBS closed deck sleeves, we are alsoable to provide open deck style sleeves.


The advantages of building our motors in-house, we have the ability tobuild your custom motor exactly to the specs requested. CP Pistons are used inour race engines as well as our customers motors. The pistons are designed andmachined to Jeremy's custom specs. His custom design of the piston for thef20c/f22c blocks will resolve a specific problem other builders do not know about.



 After the sleeves are pressed into the block, it is now ready to be honed.Jeremy has created his own techniques and steps to hone his blocks. The sleevesare honed in a specific cross hatch pattern to insure that the rings will sealcorrectly. A special technique is used by Jeremy to insure that the sleeves donot go out of round during the process.


Building an engine requires meticulous measurements and pinpointprecision. Jeremy builds our customers' engines with the same precision andaccuracy as he does with our own race engines. He cc's the domes, a method usedto measure and insure the correct compression requested in a custom engine,which not many builders do anymore. Every engine built is fully balanced,assembled, and blueprinted by Jeremy. All specs are confidentially filed away,but are available to the owner of the engine upon request. 


In the end, after all said is done, you will receive a fully built andbalanced short block ready for install. Short blocks are sleeved, assembled,and finished within 3-4 weeks. If custom compression pistons are required thatare not stocked, please allow an additional 4 weeks for the custom pistonorder. 

Engine Sleeving closed deck

 B Series      $1495

 D Series      $1495

 F Series      $1495

 H Series      $1495

 K Series      $1495

 J Series       $2550

*InlinePRO closed deck sleeves are used

*Prices are with customer supplied cores


Engine Sleeving Open deck

 B Series      $1350

 D Series      $1350

 F Series      $1350

 H Series      $1350

 K Series      $1350

 J Series       $2395

*InlinePRO closed deck sleeves are used

*Prices are with customer supplied cores


Allenbuilt Signature Short Blocks

 B Series      $3495

 F Series      $3995

 H Series      $3995

 K Series      $3995

*Prices are with customer supplied core

*includes: inlinePRO sleeves, CP pistons, inlinePRO rods, ACL racebearings, Hot tank, Resurface, Bore, Hone, Gap rings, 

Measure Bearing clearance, Balance, Micropolish Crankshaft, Blueprint, Assembly


Allenbuilt Signature Cylinder Heads


Stage 0 - B16/B18/K20/K24/H22/D16     $899.00

Stage 0 - F20C/ F22C                          $1195.00


Stage 1 - B16/B18/K20/K24/H22/D16     $1295.00

Stage 1 - F20C/ F22C                          $1595.00


Stage 2 - B16/B18/K20/K24/H22/D16     $1595.00

Stage 2 - F20C/ F22C                          $1895.00


Stage 2.5 - B16/B18/K20/K24/H22/D16   $1695.00

Stage 2.5 - F20C/ F22C                       $1995.00


Stage 3 - B16/B18/K20/K24/H22/D16     $2195.00

Stage 3 - F20C/ F22C                          $2495.00


Stage 3.5 - B16/B18/K20/K24/H22/D16   $2695.00

Stage 3.5 - F20C/ F22C                       $2695.00


Stage 4 - B16/B18/K20/K24/H22/D16     $2995.00

Stage 4 - F20C/ F22C                          $2995.00


**Pricing with customer provided core**

Machine Shop Services

 Hot Tank Block     $75

 Hone Block*        $150

 Bore .020 Over       $150

 Bore Custom Size*     $300

 O-Ring Block             $250

 Bore and Hone FRM Sleeves     $350

 Finish Hone FRM Sleeves    $200


*Customer must supply neccassary components for proper measurements


Engine Building Services

 Short Block Assembly

*Hot tank, Resurface, Bore, Hone, Gap rings,

Measure Bearing clearance, Balance, 

Micropolish Crankshaft,  Blueprint, Assembly    $1250


 Long Block Assembly Turbo

 *degree in long block assembly      $650


Long Block Assembly NA

 *degree in long block assembly      $950


 * OEM sleeve F24C performance build includes inlinePRO piston set,InlinePRO F24C connecting rods, New modified OEM K24 crankshaft, ACL racebearings, disassemble, hot tank, resurface block, bore and hone FRM sleeves,micropolish crankshaft, gap rings, measure bearing clearance, balance,blueprint, and assembly. $3595 (you must provide core shortblock)


* OEM F20C/F22C sleeve performance build includes inlinePRO piston set,InlinePRO connecting rods, ACL race bearings, disassemble, hot tank, resurfaceblock, bore and hone FRM sleeves, micropolish crankshaft, gap rings, measurebearing clearance, balance, blueprint, and assembly. $2795 (you must providecore shortblock)