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  11 07 2015

Congrats to Jose Roman and s2kings on their record pass 6.9@186.00mph.

  11 5 2013

Here is a quick video of Jake's record breaking 9.74 second pass!!!!!!!!!

  11 4 2013

We here at inlinePRO would like to take a second to congratulate everyone in the inlinePRO family on their performances this past weekend at World Cup Finals/Imports VS Domestics at Maryland International Raceway. Everyone absolutely killed it this weekend!!

Our all motor team was on point this weekend with Tim setting his new personal best of 10.03, but unfortunately Tim red lit during eliminations.  Jake and Marc dominated all the way up till the final round where they were staged against each other. Both cars cut amazing 9 sec passes, but Jake ended up taking the win and finished first place in the all motor class for the entire event! Here is a picture of the time slip for the final round.

Jose "Redstar Motoring/S2king" Took first place in X275 vs. Hot Rod class. Thats one fast S2000!

JR "Sudden-K Racing" set a new personal best is his STREET LEGAL RSX this weekend. 9.76 @ 163 show us that this car wants to go! Expect to see faster times as the car gets further dialed in.

We are very proud to be a part of the teams listed above as well as the other partnerships we have. This industry keeps changing and getting more and more competitive. inlinePRO has been able to stay at the very fore front with our ability to research, design, and perfect our products and motors. None of this would be possible if we didn't have these partnerships with a group of teams that possess a drive and determination to be the best at what they do. 

More picture, videos, and news to follow.....

 10 31 2013

Congrats to Jake Gavio and team on their two fastest times to date in their inlinePRO F-series powered all motor civic coupe!

Last night Jake ran a 9.92 @ 136 and backed it right up with a 9.82 @ 135.9.

If you are interested in a all motor build like Mr. 9.82 Gavio please feel free to email or call the shop for a quote.
  10 9 2013

InlinePRO *FRM* S2000 pistons!

Several bore sizes and compression ratios available. We are the only company that offers these pistons up to an 87.5MM bore. 

There have been many issues with longevity on other companies FRM pistons, but rest assured that these pistons have gone through 3 years of testing and came out on top! Many of our test motors are past the 30K mile mark and running strong!

Now you don't have to sleeve your motor in order to run quality aftermarket pistons!

***We are also able to produce these pistons for the H22 motor as well.

  10 9 2013

J37 RODS ARE IN!!!!!!
 4 4 2013

Coming Soon!

inlinePRO J32,35,37 full line of parts.

Pistons, Rods, Cams, Bearings, Studs We've got you covered!


12 18 2012

New Extreme Power Rod part numbers in stock!




K22C1 Rods (Fits an S2000 F22C1 90.7mm crankshaft into a K20a/K20a2/K20z block using any shelf K20 piston)

9 28 2012

  inlinePRO 6.6mm Valve Stem Upgrade kit for    F20c/F22c/K20/K24

8 1 2012

Introductory Pricing

New Extreme Power Combo for F20c, F22c, and B18's(LS crank only).

Connecting Rods: Heavy Duty ARP 2000 7/16th rod bolt, lipped cap, and pin end straps. Rod Weights 570-580g

Wrist Pins: 9310 .250" wall

Pistons: Any CP shelf application(custom available 4-6 weeks)

$1295 plus shipping

6 12 2012

Congrats to Carey on his fastest pass in the car to date 8.13 @ 169!!!

Honda-tech thread

5 17 2012

New Dual Spring/Titanium Retainer/Dual Spring Base Combo’s


Honda S2000 F22C for use with the AP2 Keepers

Honda 2012 Civic SI K24


Spring Options:

Spring A: All motor/High lift/Low Boost 95lbs@seat/240lbs@.500” Camshaft Lift       

Coil Bind@.630”

Spring B: Street High Boost/Low lift 115lbs@seat/270lbs@.500” Camshaft Lift           

Coil Bind @.550”

Click here for Pricing

5 1  2012

Congratulations to Jake Gavio for running a record breaking 10.01@134 this past weekend at Spring Nationals in Englishtown.

 2 23 2012

Update on Carey Bales.


2 23 2012

Here is Carey Bales car. He has been working very hard to get it running and has started to bring it out for testing.

8.91 at 159 - out of car

8.91 at 159 - in car


Engine Dyno

Here is some info on the car

2 7 2012

New packaging for Cylinder heads stages 1-4

12 30 2011

 InlinePRO billet camshaft S2000 F20C/F22C

Click here for Pricing

11 7 2011

Tim runs a 10.13 @131 at world cup finals



 11 7 2011

InlinePRO makes it all the way to Bahrain


 11 1 2011

 New InlinePRO S2000 turbo Manifold for right hand drive (RHD) Honda S2000 AP1/AP2

 Oct 28 2011

New InlinePRO 8740 Main Studs

-Dog point bottom
-12 point nuts & hardened washers
-Uses OEM torque value so they will not distort the main bores


  Oct 28 2011

New InlinePRO 8740 Head Studs

-Feature 11mm beam diameter vs 9.5mm for stiffer clamping force
-Dog point bottom
-12 point nuts & hardened washers
-Used in 1000whp applications



   Oct 4 2011

  Jake Gavio runs 10.13 @134.5 beating Jose "Pepsi" Bello's 10.17 @131.9 in the semi-final round of the All Motor Shootout


 Sept 13 2011

Tim Grey and Jake Gavio


Fall Nationals

 Sept 1 2011

 kinsler ITB's for B-series - K-series - F-series $2250 
call for sizing

 July 11 2011

New naturally aspirated F24 stroker kit utilizing the OEM Honda pistons that are in your engine.  12.8:1 compression.  No need to Hone your block!  Connecting rod, Crank, and Rod bearing Combo $1699.00.  The connecting rods are machined to fit the OEM Honda wrist pin and piston.


July 11 2011

New 1680cc saturated/high impedance injectors

May 3 2011

Congratulations to Tim Grey

Tim was the number 1 qualifier and won spring nationals at Engilshtown this past weekend with a 10.30@134 in the Finals. Congrats

April 26 2011

InlinePRO S2000 Intake manifold in stock. limited quantity

 April 21 2011

Congratulations to Tim and Jake making it to the finals this past weekend at Honda Day.   The finish couldn't get any closer than it was, 10.32 to 10.32 with Jake winning by the tree. This is a new personal best for Jake. Tim was running consistent 10.3's. Awesome!

Video      Gallery


March 16 2011

 Jake is on the flyer for Honda day which is on April 17th.


March 10 2011

 InlinePRO would like to congratulate our friends at red star motoring and kings Performance with their record setting pass of 7.59 @ 179mph.
We are very happy that we could be a part of your monumental achievement.

Feb 25 2011

Coming soon: Honda S2000- ARP L19 - 260 PSI Headstuds

On sale for $549.00
Feb 25 2011

Just in Acura K-Series - ARP 2000 - 220 PSI Headstuds

On sale for $295.00

Jan 3  2011

Just in ARP Main studs for F20C/F22C and K20/K24


Dec 7  2010

Tim sets a new P.B. 10.24 at 132mph

Nov 15 2010

Brian Fisher Highlights from Import vs Domestics



Nov 12 2010

Tim Grey sets new personal best time.
10.49 pass at Imports vs Domestic at MIR 11/7/10



Oct 19 2010

Limited time pricing on Wilwood Complete big brake front kit  on sale for $499.00. Rear kit special pricing also available with purchase of front kit. Please call to order.

Available for the following vehicles
Honda fit
Honda civic
Acura Integra
Acura rsx

Oct 19 2010

Event: Outlaw race
Driver: Brian Fisher
1/4 time: 9.14 in car pass. 

Video: In car pass


Oct 07 2010

Here is a dyno from one of our competition F20C engines.


Sept 19 2010

Jake speaks with greasy on the All MOTOR SHOOTOUT

July 30 2010

Motor street class package 2697cc K-series engine

July 26 2010

It was a hot one this weekend.  Jake qualified #2 with a 10.94/125mph.  Unfortunately, Tim was having some transmission issues and didn't qualify high in the ladder so they had to race first round.  Jake had Cheryl 2nd round and Pepsi in the finals.  He was able to tree him to get the win.  His best this weekend was a 10.88/126mph
Congratulations Jake!


July 23 2010

Introducing our F24C connecting rod set.  This H-beam set is designed to run the K24 crankshaft in the F20 block using off the shelf F20C piston sets(CP, Mahle, JE...) with the standard 23mm wrist pin and 30mm compression height.  No modification to the rods required.

July 19 2010

New custom project, boosted F2K.  Check it out as we continue this project as it progresses.
July 13 2010

Mahle has introduced their new Gold series Powerpak FRM piston for the S2000 F20 and F22.  We are ready to incorporate them in to our builds listed below.

July 12 2010

InlinePRO S2000 Stage 2 turbo kit with a Precision 67/65
Inlinepro Stroker kit
Inlinepro Stage 3 turbo cams
514 HP and 339 TQ on 14lbs. of boost
93 Octane pump gas

July 12 2010

Congratulations to Red Star Motorsports For the fastest S2000 1/4 mile time.



July 1 2010

A great video featuring Tim Grey from TGR by Nyce1's!


June 28 2010

InlinePRO sponsors Red Star Motoring with our new timing chain tensioner upgrade.  A must have for one of the highest hp S2000's in the world.
June 24 2010

InlinePRO Cast Stainless Steel Exhaust flange.

June 24 2010

Honda S2000 High Performance Engine Mounts

June 24 2010

Competition Clutch S2000 twin Disc clutch new low price $1450.00

June 18 2010

New CAST stainless steel divided T4 flange! $295!!!
June 15 2010

Congratulations to Tim Grey winning the NSCRA MIR event this past weekend.  He was #1 qualifier and won the Motor Street class.

Video (right click save as)
*thanks to GrassRoots Motorsports

June 10 2010

We just made 727whp at 32psi on Tom's car. It is a stage 2 turbo kit with a Borg Warner S366. It has a stock F20c engine with our 3mm headgasket and dual spring w/titanium retainers. Tuned By Rick Rollert.

May 27 2010

InlinePRO Race Spec F20C/F22C Timing Chain Tensioner

May 14 2010

Donation for a lost S2KI member.  Please look into the thread.
January 15 2010

2006 + S2000 fuel return kit.  Convert your 06 returnless fuel systemm to a RETURN FUEL SYSTEM!  A great alternative to achieve that extra horsepower you are looking for!

December 4 2009

New InlinePRO Cast S2000 Intake manifold. 

September 16 2009

Competition Clutch S2000 Twin Disc is now available.  We just tested this clutch at the track with 933rwhp, as well as a street car making 600rwhp street driven. 
September 12 2009

933RWHP with InlinePRO off the shelf turbo manifold.

September 10 2009

2008's Quickest Pro-Am All Motor Civic featured in October 2009 issue of DSPORT Magazine..  Engine built by inlinePRO and driven by Tim Grey from TGR.